Your Next Career Power Move

Apr 8, 2021 | Blog

You don’t have to read too much or too far to know that the career landscape is changing, especially now as a result of the pandemic. Unlike your parents and grandparents, you are more than likely to have multiple careers. In fact, the average Canadian is now expected to hold around 15 jobs throughout their professional life. So now that you know you’re not alone and you’ve perhaps acknowledged that many paths are about to be on your horizon, how do you take the steps to find your next career power move?

Go all in: make the decision

Don’t be willy nilly about it. If you don’t choose a path, you will continue to stand still and that won’t get you the results you desire. You know you want a change…don’t let fear prevent you from moving forward.

Be Self Reflective: Discover what you want to do.

Work does not have to be a four letter word. Your day to day is what you make it and that means making a conscious effort to take some time to reflect on the things that make you happy, and to categorize which of those are recreational, and which and work related. I mean, hey, if you can make your fun your work, that’s awesome, but not 100% necessary to find workplace happiness


Put the feelers out there and connect with people from your past and present to explore options. Try seeing things from their business perspective and see if there are places you may fit that you may not have thought of. Ask them what challenges they are facing in their company or organization and what they are excited about. Take the time to learn about other “workviews” and you may be surprised on how that perspective shift may open doors you did not know were there.

Avoid the Bridge Job


If you’re looking for a meaningful career change, don’t just take a job. Obviously there are some issues here such as, if you are out of work, you may financially be driven to make decisions on career choices….but if you are currently employed and really truly looking to make a change, then be selective. Chances are any interm job you accept will not get you any further ahead than the job you are currently in. Additionally, there’s a difference between climbing the corporate ladder and being seen as a salary chaser.

Be Confident


Change is hard, but eventually the lack of change is harder. Know your skills and engage in some positive self talk to get you through those unwarranted self doubt. Re-read that cv and remember that your skills are awesome and that you’re a valuable asset to the company that will hire you.

Not sure where to start?

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